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Visit them online!


Visit them online!


I was at a national conference a few weeks ago and came across this cool product. At first I walked right past the booth and then got to thinking and did a u-turn. Cinch To Hang is a new company and working to get their product noticed. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and effort of Mike Ay, the principle owner and promoter, and their well thought-out display. Their Cinch To Hang holds two patents so I know he has worked hard to get this product ready for marketing… Read More


How many times have you been camping amongst trees and wanted to hang something on one of them—a kitchen utensil roll, a bathroom kit, a shaving mirror, a jacket or hat—and wished there were a nice stub of a branch right… there? Just hammering in a nail is considered impolite to the tree these days… Read More

Retired Park Ranger

Thanks, Cinch To Hang! In almost 25 years as a California State Park ranger, I probably pulled hundreds of pounds of nails and screws out of trees in my parks’ campgrounds. From tiny finishing nails to old, rusty spikes, the damage and scarring they caused was just awful. I wish we’d had Cinch To Hang all along, and I hope camp stores in every federal, state and local park starts carrying them immediately. I also love that they will soon be made in the USA, keeping our jobs onshore. What a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift this would be: “Mom & Dad, take me outdoors on an adventure, and teach me how to treat nature right!” Cinch To Hang is a win-win for everyone: outdoors people, workers and trees!

Miriam Guiney
Retired Park Ranger

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