As a long time camper and outdoorsman, Charlie was challenged to find a safe and easy way to hang his family’s gear without hurting trees. At neighboring campsites, people would be hanging their gear by hammering nails into trees, which hurt the trees, or by using ropes or bungee cords, which are not safe and which tear the bark from the trees. None of the Federal, State or Local campground stores he visited sold anything that solved this problem.

Working nights and weekends in his garage, Charlie developed the Cinch To Hang—a safe, quick and easy way to store supplies off the ground while reducing tree stress from illegal use of nails, bungee cords and ropes. Charlie also found that his invention could be used in backyards for hanging supplies and jackets of his guest as he entertained. As Charlie and his family started using the Cinch To Hang, other campers and outdoor enthusiasts took notice. The reaction from campers, RVers, hunters and fishermen was equally enthusiastic. It was the product they had all been waiting for.

From that first wood prototype built in his garage, Action Items was created. The company is a family owned business that combines friendship with a variety of business skills. Charlie is the inventor and visionary. Charlie’s family works with him to handle the daily operations. Co-owners Rick and his family handle marketing, design and legal work. And, of course, children and grandchildren provide help with new ideas for using social networks to tell the story of the Cinch To Hang. All of us bring our love of the outdoors to each and every Cinch To Hang product.

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