How does Cinch To Hang work?

Using Cinch To Hang is a cinch! Simply place your portable safety strap around a tree along with the Cinch To Hang device. Then just cinch the strap and you are ready to hang your gear from the peg. It really is a Cinch To Hang.

When you are done using Cinch To Hang, just loosen the safety strap and remove it with the device.

Why is Cinch To Hang an eco-friendly product?

Until now, there has been no eco-friendly way of storing your supplies off the ground. Typically campers will place nails into trees and hang their items from the nails. This method is not only illegal, but harmful to the life of the tree and hazardous to other campers. The eco-friendly, patented Cinch To Hang solves this problem because it is uses a flat strap that is placed around the tree, leaving the tree’s protective bark unmarred and unharmed.

Similar to using nails, ropes also harm and stress the tree’s bark, because the rope will girdle the bark over time. This girdling damages the tree’s bark and is also considered an illegal method. Using the patented Cinch To Hang, with it’s flat 1″” strap will not damage the tree. By design the weight of the hanging item positions both the device and straps at an angle which eliminates harm to the tree bark.

Space is always tight when camping. How big is the Cinch To Hang device? Will it store easily?

Cinch To Hang very compact, portable and lightweight, making it easy to store. The Cinch To Hang device measures 2″ by 4″ by 1″ and weighs less than four ounces. But don’t let its small size fool you … Cinch To Hang has been tested and can comfortably hold up to 50 pounds.

What if I need to store a total weight of over 50 pounds?

Depending on the tree size, you can hang up to four Cinch To Hang devices on a single strap, thus providing ample storage options.

What are the other uses for Cinch To Hang besides camping?

Cinch To Hang is such an original and versatile design that it has been awarded two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Because of its versatility, Cinch To Hang can be used for all outdoor activities … camping, hunting, family picnics, RV park outings and more. Items such as shoes, towels cooking equipment, toys, sporting goods and other gear can securely hang from the Cinch To Hang. The uses are unlimited.

Where can I buy Cinch To Hang?

The Cinch to Hang is currently available on our website and will be available shortly through various distribution channels. Sign up on our homepage e-mail list to be notified for exciting new products and accessory for the Cinch To Hang.

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